Patient Centred Treatment and Conditions Treated

Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Exercises, Taping, Hydrotherapy

Treatment can include a variety of techniques such deep tissue massage to release the muscle tension which is a common source of pain. Gentle oscillatory techniques and joint mobilisations can be an effective way of improving movement in joints and blood flow in the surrounding area.

When necessary, the technique that results in the ‘pop’ sound in joints called the high velocity, low amplitude thrust will be utilised. At the Verdure clinic, all patients are provided with self-care advice to improve their symptoms and prevent recurrence. This can be in the form of exercises, dietary advice, and hydrotherapy etc.

Treatment is individualised which means it is specially adapted to each individual case. Treatment techniques used are based on the patient’s biological age and not their chronological age.

* Serious side effects from treatment are very rare though it is not uncommon for the patient to be sore for 24 hours after treatment and to then improve considerably after that.

Conditions Treated


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Visiting Shireen always dispels the pain and tightness which accumulates in my joints and muscles as a result of my chronic movement disorder. She listens carefully, deploys a wealth of knowledge and understanding, tailors her treatment to my individual needs, and achieves extraordinary results. My life has changed for the better in her hands!

Professor Guy Cook


Shireen showed consideration and kindness towards me throughout my treatment. Her approach is holistic and this helped me to learn how to care for my back and protect it going forwards.
I'm feeling much better now and with the exercises which I continue to do I feel confident about the health of my back.



I was recommended Shireen by one of my close friends. I made an appointment to see her regarding my daughter’s knee problem. Shireen was very professional, kind and helpful in identifying the cause of the problem. After a thorough examination, she pinpointed the real cause of the pain ( which was not in the knee itself!) and provided us with series of exercises. We are going to see her again in a few weeks’ time and I have already made an appointment for myself!
I will definitely recommend lovely Shireen to my friends.


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Shireen is registered with all the major insurance providers such as AXA-PPP, BUPA, Vitality Health, Aviva etc.


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